Our agency grows day by day, thanks to multiple, different and innovative services that are offered in the world of basketball and sports business. Maximum professionalism, transparency, planning and competitiveness, as a family, with the players and clubs who want to achieve the maximum goal in any level.

Our main target and focus is to respect and protect the professional rights, the athletic career and the personal development of our family members – players and clubs, as well as, the growth and the evolution of our company, OMNIA Sports.

Under this perception, we established cooperation with partners and offices, all over the world, to cover any rising need and to explore any opportunity as law firm with significant experience that supports our business, in order to confront immediately any issue that endangers the interests of the players , the clubs and the company as well with absolute success.

As already a leading company in athletic management, we always try to improve ourselves and to offer the best services to our family members – Players and Clubs!

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