In these difficult moments we believe that all opinions have to be listened to and taken into consideration for the well-being and transparency of our work as basketball players , coaches and agents. We live particular and difficult moments for everyone, for the clubs, for the players and for the agents themselves. However, during this very particular season and even before the sad and tragic sanitary crisis, many agreements have not been absolutely respected.
It almost seems that someone wants to take advantage of a sad situation like this, riding the wave of the excuse of COVID 19. 
Its unfair and immoral to justify the use of the current crisis for not respecting the commitments taken. 
I am not here to judge the behavior, the attitude and the police of these clubs, FIBA ​​in the future will take this behavior into consideration, but I firmly believe that all parties must sit around a table to find the right combination due to reach more credibility and more professionalism in the world of basketball market.
The period we are experiencing, could be an excellent opportunity to think about solutions and interventions that absolutely must improve the economic functions of the world of basketball and our agency is ready to show serious, innovative and productive proposals with immediate impact not only fpor the clubs but mainly for the federations and leagues .
Therefore I believe that in times of such confusion, where for obvious reasons financial liquidity is unfortunately lacking, FIBA, ELPA and local federations should intervene as soon as possible to restore the missing amounts, large or small, because it is money that goes missing from the families directly involved.
Now as far as our branch is concerned, the agents are also in a bad position. In many cases our hands are tied by the uncertainty of the times. We are unable to protect our customers or our personal interests. The financial security of our families depends on protecting these interests.
At the moment and for the next period we need the collaboration and leadership of the national leagues and federations starting from FIBA ,​​and only together and with concrete proposals inherent to the times we run, we could go through this difficult period and therefore remove the heavy burden of the future seasons, which already be difficult due to the financial and organization uncertainty of the future of the basketball business !
While waiting for everyone to understand the gravity of the moment but also the opportunity for renewal,
best regards
Giorgio Zambellis

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