Giorgio Zambellis

Director of italian headquarter

Omnia Sports Management & Promotion was founded with enthusiasm and desire to contribute to the professional growth of both individual players but also to the basketball clubs who want to add a professional profile in their image. OMNIA Sports Management & Promotion was founded by George Zambellis in 2009, former professional basketball player. Born in 1973 in Rome, began his professional career by signing his first contract in 1990 in the Greek A2 league for Panellinios Athens.He played pro basketball in Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, mainly in the role of small forward and power forward and in the mean of his basketball career as well as having played alongside with major players in the Italian and European level has not only grown but also become technically and tactically ductile ,coltivating also good relations with the clubs which he played for. Graduated in political science at the University of Rome in Italy,speaks Greek and Italian as mother language, English, Spanish and some fair German, good knowledge of European market, closely following the developments of the major European leagues, where thanks to his knowledge can be updated in real time on technical requirements tactics each individual club, offering his advice more often as outside partner.Is the right way that drives many professional clubs to give more credits to the figure of a sporting director cause as we know is essential today for the professional growth of a club for an ambitious project. After finishing his career away from Italy has always thought that was appropriate to remain in basketball environment, this time off the courts to help players not only in terms of contracts but also preparing them to important decisions which could become crucial for the rest of their basketball career and beyond.